LeadPages Learning Core

  • Role: UX/UI
  • Client: LeadPages

LeadPages is #1 landing page builder out there. With their drag and drop functionality, anyone can build a landing page and start receiving leads in minutes. However, there are users out there who don’t know where to begin, who don’t know a thing about marketing, or who now marketing and don’t know how to technology. This is why we made Learning Core.

Understanding The Situation

In 2015, LeadPages had the #1 landing page builder and the leading features in the market. They had everything any marketer would need to start growing their leads. We also had the worlds best customer service team that speaks to all of our customers who have issues. They brought to our attention a few issues. Customers know a lot about marketing but need help with the tools, customers know nothing about marketing but know how to build everything, or they know nothing about marketing or building but have a really killer idea. We knew we needed to step in and help these users out.

Project Goals


We knew right away that we wanted to create a website. But, like all websites, we wanted to fit everything possible into it. I had to plan out how we would handle these things. We would have articles for customers to read, educational videos, PDF documents for people to do deep learning in specific subjects. There was a lot going on this site. I mean a lot. But, this is why we wireframe and we had a solid site planned out at the end.

Final Outcome

After extensive planning and testing of our wireframes/content/initial mockups, it was time to launch our product to the public. We launched our first version of this site and released it to our customers. We opened it to a limited section of our customers as a soft launch to test and made quick updates as the feedback came in.