Mobile Field Manager App

  • Role: Designer, UX/UI
  • Client: None

Mobile Field Manager is a fantastic tool that helps contract managers who are in charge of all different sized construction jobs keep track of their employees and their hours.

To understand why I made what you see above, let’s take a look at what they had and what was going on when someone used the app. I just got a little giddy and wanted to show you right away!

The old application was lacking in a lot of areas. Visually, it was still stuck in the skeuomorphic era. Albeit, an exciting era, but in this current time does not speak to advanced technology or usability that users come to expect.

Expressed Issues

These are the opinions of only me when I was looking through the app and jotting down what I saw for this project.

Issues I Noticed

These are the opinions from foremans that use this app. They are the ones who use the app day in and day out. They know it front and back, as best they can, and these are the issues they had.

Solving The Problems

First things first, we needed a facelift in this identity. The old one was based on the parent company Viewpoint. The styles were skeuomorphic that can be traced back to the 80’s. This is not what users come to expect now. With a fresh color scheme and a little buffing to get rid of all the shadows, the new look clears out the clutter and puts what is needed front and center.

Time Tracking

– The new design allows the foreman to add specific jobs to their list and have easy access to them right away.

– To track time they only need to pick from the list of jobs they are currently working on.

– In each job page, there is now a list of all the employees working on that job.

Team Tracking

– Now a foreman can find his employees by looking at the jobs he is assigned to on his own personal list.

– A foreman also has the ability to build his own team to give him quick access to his employees that he frequently visits.

– Within the app, you will now be able to message each individual employee. Sending to their inbox within the app and resolve issues fast.


– I heard from the foremens and put the features they use daily on the front lines.

– Secondary options are still easily available within the navigation.

– All other features, that are needed but not necessarily primary, are out of the way.

Not How I Work

– After I developed the new design, foremen informed me they loved what I had done and everything was exactly how they needed it now.

– The app is now designed specifically to how they think and works on a daily basis and the confusion is gone.